Top USA flooring manufacturers in 2022

Polina Krotovich
6 mins

When starting a new business or entering a new market, it’s critical to do deep research on your competitors and potential partners. What products do they offer? How do they communicate with customers? What tools and strategies do they use? 

So today, we’ll get through the top 10 USA flooring manufacturers you need to know when working on the US flooring market. 

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#1. Shaw Flooring 

Shaw Flooring is one of the world's largest hardwood flooring manufacturers and tile manufacturers, with headquarters in Dalton, Georgia. It was founded in 1946 as a small dye company but quickly became one of America's largest corporations. Today, it employs over 22 000 people globally and has $6 billion in annual revenue. 

Shaw Floors

Taken from the Shaw Flooring website

Shaw Flooring offers a wide range of products: 

  • carpets; 
  • hardwood flooring; 
  • laminate; 
  • vinyl flooring; 
  • tile; 
  • stone flooring. 

Shaw's vision is to create a better future for customers, companies, and communities by joining great people, products, and services. They also floor the sustainable and responsible approach in business and production. 

#2. Daltile 

Daltile is one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world. The company has operated in North America for over 75 years, since 1947. Daltile specialization is a versatile tile. They offer: 

  • porcelain and ceramic tiles; 
  • terrazzo tiles; 
  • natural stone tiles; 
  • quartz tiles; 
  • Ahanzu tiles. 

Taken from the Daltile website

Daltile stands out from other manufacturers with high-quality products and award-winning designs. In 2022, the company won Best New Tile & Stone Product Award in the Dealers' Choice Award for the 21st time in a row. 

#3. Armstrong Flooring 

Armstrong Flooring is one of the AHF Products brands established in 2016 as an independent identity from Armstrong World Industries. Now, the company is one of the top vinyl manufacturers and hardwood manufacturers in North America, operating in 15 production facilities in the USA, Australia, and China. 

Taken from the Armstrong Flooring website

Armstrong Flooring offers different types of long-lasting flooring: 

  • Vinyl flooring 
  • Linoleum flooring 
  • Hardwood flooring 
  • Laminate. 

The company also strongly believes in a sustainable approach and has a collection of eco-flooring made from renewable materials. 

#4. Bedrosians 


Taken from the Bedrosians website

Bedrosians Tile & Stone was founded in 1948 in Central California by Ed Bedrosian. And today, 70 years later, the company is one of the largest porcelain tile and stone importers and distributors in the USA. Bedrosians offers a range of flooring options: 

  • Porcelain 
  • Natural Stone 
  • Decorative & Mosaics 
  • Ceramic 
  • Quarry Tile 

The company is customer-centric and aims to provide its clients with the best possible service and high-quality products. 

#5. Pergo 

Pergo is a flooring company founded in 1977 and well known for the quality and design of its vinyl and hardwood products. Pergo specializes in Laminate, Hardwood, and Luxury Vinyl. They also have unique lines of pet-friendly, waterproof, and antimicrobial-protected floorings. 


Taken from the Pergo website

Another feature of Pergo floors that stands it out from the crowd is the easy installation process. The company owns a patent on installation technology that allows their customers to DIY floors without any special skills. 

#6. Congoleum 

Congoleum is a North American company that has run its business for over a century now. With its headquarter in New Jersey, the company is a leader in vinyl flooring and holds several patents for resilient flooring technologies. 


Taken from the Congoleum website

Today, Congoleum focuses on a responsible production approach and invests in Environmental Policy, certifications, resource and waste management, and sustainability. 

#7. Mohawk Flooring 

Mohawk Flooring started the business back in 1878, producing carpets. Now the company has expanded its product line and, in addition to rugs, also offers tiles, laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring. At the same time, Mohawk keeps prioritizing quality, innovations, and award-winning designs when developing new products.


Taken from the Mohawk website

The manufacturer is running with eco-friendly practices in mind, which allows the company to incorporate recycled and renewable resources into the production process.

#8. Tarkett 


Taken from the Tarkett website

Tarkett is a well-known carpet and vinyl flooring manufacturer. It was founded in 1885 as a small woodworking facility for furniture in Malmö, Sweden. However, now, it is one of the leaders in the flooring industry, which sells its products in over 100 countries. The headquarter is now located in La Défense, France, and the product line has extended and includes: 

  • modular carpets 
  • broadloom and woven 
  • vinyl 
  • linoleum 
  • rubber and laminate. 

With low carbon emissions in mind, the company operates 34 industrial sites all over the globe, including North America. 

#9. Mannington 

Mannington is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine flooring, based in Salem, New Jersey. The company was established in 1915 by John Campbel, and since then, Mannington has been committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovations. The manufacturer produces vinyl, hardwood floors, laminate, and carpets. 


Taken from the Mannington website

Mannington makes its products using the safety-first approach and pays close attention to environment-friendly practices. 

#10. Bruce 

Last but not least, the company from our top is Bruce Flooring. Bruce Flooring is one of the brands of AHF Products as well as, mentioned earlier, Armstrong Flooring. The company was established in 1884 and now presents the largest amount of hardwood flooring choices and colors in the industry. Besides hardwood, the company offers two waterproof floor types: Rigid Core and TimberTru. 

 Taken from the Bruce website

The list of popular flooring manufacturers can go on and on, but these 10 include the biggest vinyl flooring manufacturers, tile manufacturers, hardwood flooring manufacturers that managed to stay successful through decades. And if you are about to enter this market, you need to keep an eye on them as they are the ones dictating new trends and demonstrating best practices on how to bond with your client for ages.