Wizart Data Sharing System

Keep and Share your Data Safely & Effectively

Manufacturers’ needs

How can I protect my data? How can I create high-quality data content? How can I get one single content database?

Retailers’ needs

How can I get high-quality data? How can we enable quick data flow? How can we deliver high-quality data to our customers?
The data can be requested in your personal account. Just scroll down the list of available brands and request any you are interested in.
Getting your request approved by the manufacturers might take some time. Please stay patient!
Manage the visibility for the newly shared patterns and enjoy trying them on in the Visualizer!

What manufacturers benefit

Incredibly secure tool
You have complete control over the data flow.
Enrich your content demonstration
Our Wizart Visualizer helps your data to shine. You can show your designs with the best perspective that is only possible.
Quick and stable data flow 
Upload and download your data just in minutes and keep your distributors aware of new collections right away.
Powerful product presentation 
Ensure your end-customers get the highest quality product-viewing experiences.
Expending your playing field 
Easily break into new markets by outreaching more retailers already using the Wizart Data Sharing System.
Extensive Catalog management  
Ensure your customers receive a full variety of your collections with all the information you want them to see.

What retailers benefit

Access to high-quality digital data
Receive the patterns with full repeats directly from the manufacturers.
Powerful product presentation
Provide your customers with the high-quality images directly from the manufacturers
Quick data
Get timely updates on new arrivals and outdated collections directly from the manufacturers.
Access to manufacturers’ data
Easily break into new markets by outreaching more retailers already using our tool.
Create high-quality website content
Boost your sales up to 36% by creating rich-content for your website.
You manage your own data
Manage your own data, either yourself or via API, at no extra cost and with no gatekeeping.

What customers benefit

  • Honest product demonstration

    Close-to-real visualization that demonstrates your product properties correctly

  • Cutting off imagination gap problem

    Customers can try out your products before buying them in their interiors and make the right choice.
  • What Wizart guarantees

    Hyper security

  • Only your entity has direct access and original data
  • Due to encryption algorithm in our Data Sharing System, your original data cannot be stolen or copied
  • There is no source code available, so it’s impossible to break into your system.

  • Safe Data flow

  • Wizart is using the newest technologies and programming languages
  • Our team is monitoring performances and taking measures to keep our Data Sharing System up-to-date
  • Your data is kept on EU-based Amazon servers.

  • High-Quality data

  • We are constantly working on enlarging our settings sets
  • Wizart is trying to re-create our data materials to make your renders look real
  • Our neural networks are constantly growing smarter.
  • Free database of original patterns
    directly from manufacturers