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Virtual fitting room for your customers to select materials, try them on in any interior and complete the purchase.

Provides the ability to get all the data on the requested product that we were able to extract from the uploaded interior photo.

Provides the ability to recognize dozens of classes in various combinations, especially for indoor photography

Help to determine position and as an option count objects of some class

Makes it possible to obtain information about the 3D dimensions and positions of objects in the scene in the photo.

Working with images we use camera's data to build and work with 3D and AR models

How it works

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Ready-to-use models
Avoid spending your resources for dataset labeling and models training
Use only requested parts of the solution
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Seamless development
We continuously improve our technologies
Easy integration
We've developing SDKs for most popular technology stack and covered everything with documentation
Effective support
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Useful Resources

Wizart Vision API endpoint map
Openapi 3.0.3
Tools - SDK for Python
Tools - SDK for JavaScript