ARD Italia is a family-owned business founded by Alfredo Russo in 2011. It produces and distributes polymer skirting boards and frames throughout Italy and North Africa. Since 2019, it has become one of the most important players in the Italian interior decoration sector.
ARD Italia has an excellent delivery service, and most importantly, we strive to always provide our customers with new products that are presented in the most effective way possible with our partners.
Domenico Russo, Administrative Manager at ARD Italia

Thanks to Wizart rich content generation tools and video generation tools, we managed to create a set of interactive catalog graphics showing a complicated product texture and excellent quality.
Outperformed competitors
ARD Italia is one of the first Italian wall panels manufacturers introducing a new way to sell wall panels - with the help of computer vision solutions.
Unique product assets catalog
For ARD Italia, we created exclusive interior try-ons and catalog structure. Our cutting-edge AI solutions can create hundreds of interior variations and product panoramas to ensure enhanced user experience.
Saved time and resources
Wizart visualizing solutions are a great alternative to creative agencies. Thanks to our AI tools, we managed to create interactive product catalog 3x faster and cheaper compared to other options on the market.
Boosted sales and revenue

Buyers can spend hours visualizing and combining the items. This experience is full of fun and joy, which leads to higher conversions and lower returns.
It was a super easy process because of your assistance. Your team and in particular Ana have been able to satisfy me on every request, even the most challenging. I already have many things on my mind to try and develop with you. I am really happy with every aspect, and I am sure that our partnership will be long and above all profitable
Domenico Russo, Administrative Manager at ARD Italia

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