Wizart Vision API for Roman Shades Visualization

Artur Kuchynski

Vision API is a tool that can truly revolutionize the way manufacturers and retailers overall of the home improvement industry sell their products. This software solution has almost unlimited possibilities for product visualization, including products for the window treatment market.

In this article, we will showcase the power of Vision API by presenting a hands-on demonstration of how it can be used to visualize roman shades.

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Exploring the Vision API

Vision API suite is designed to extract useful information from interior images, including information about the camera, the type of interior, and rich 3D parameters of various objects found in the scene.

Let’s use the following interior photo as an example:


The capabilities of the Vision API are split into several parts according to their main purpose:

  • Segmentation
  • Reconstruction
  • Detection
  • Interior
  • and Analysis.

We are going to use some of them to get all the required parameters and properties of windows.

Segmentation API allows us to get a segmentation mask of the surfaces found in the scene:


As you can see, the purple area relates to a particular window surface detected in the interior. You might notice that the mask also includes these tiny brown and dark green areas, corresponding to the slope and the sill of the window.

The Analysis API, in its turn, gives us an estimated camera position and its features. Since every image taken by a camera is a 2D projection of a real space, then it is possible to reconstruct the interior objects in a virtual 3D scene.

To help you with that, we offer the Reconstruction API. By using it, you can get the relative 3D coordinates of a window, i.e. the coordinates relative to the camera’s position:


It also calculates the approximated width and length of a window:


Now, using 2D or 3D data of the roman shades as well as segmentation mask and window dimensions, we can visualize specific shades on top of the window:


We also offer the Interior API with its all-in-one endpoint POST /vision-api/v3/interior/, which provides similar functionality for detecting and analyzing all currently supported surfaces in the interior. With this information, you can get a better understanding of the overall interior layout, making it easier to recreate the interior in 3D or perform other tasks.

What’s next?

The window treatment market has great growth potential. Implementing advanced technologies like computer vision can help business owners solve product visualization problems, enhance their customer experience, and ultimately boost sales. Wizart technology is suitable for many different use cases and can be seamlessly integrated into your websites and mobile applications.

To get started and begin building your custom visualizer using the power of Vision API, you only need to sign up for a free trial. If you're interested in using our computer vision APIs for this specific use case, we encourage you to get in touch with our sales team.