What Is MaterialCloud and How It Revolutionizes the DIY Industry

Polina Krotovich

There is no need to explain the importance of having high-quality product content for your marketing purposes. However, creating such content can be a challenge for many businesses that requires a lot of resources. Luckily, advanced algorithms and neural networks can come to the rescue and help to deal with this task.

At the end of 2022, Wizart presented a new product - MaterialCloud. This tool was developed in response to the increasing amount of requests from our customers for help with digital asset creation. In MaterialCloud, we combined new technologies and process automation to create a solution that can generate product content faster and cheaper compared to traditional methods.

So today, we asked our Product Manager, Ekaterina Gurina, to tell us a bit more about MaterialCloud and how it works. She explained how MaterialCloud helps DIY businesses, what issues it can solve, and what potential it has.

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