Top 9 Wallpaper Manufacturers in the USA

Polina Krotovich

Wallpapers are one of the most popular finishing materials used in modern interiors. So it is crucial for everyone who works with renovations, interior designs, or building material reselling to not miss any new trend in this market.

That’s why today we’ll look through the top 9 most popular wallpaper manufacturers in the USA in 2022. So you can keep an eye on new products they offer.

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#1. Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is one of the most popular wallcovering manufacturers in the USA. The company was founded in 1866 as a paint company by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. However, now, they produce a wide range of wall-finishing materials, including:

  • coating
  • stains
  • applicators
  • sealant
  • wall covers

The company works in 120+ countries all around the globe, has 137 Manufacturing and distribution facilities, and earns almost $20 billion in revenue.

#2. ABC Imaging

ABC Imaging is another producer of wallpapers on our list. It was established in 1982 by Medi Falsafi under the name of the American Blueprinting Company. They provided reprographic services to architects, engineers, and contractors. 

Over the years, the company grew bigger and now is one of the largest wallpaper manufacturers. It works not only in the US wallpaper market but also has locations in the Middle East, the UK, and China.

Today, the company specializes in printed and customizable wallpaper and print services.

#3. F. Schumacher & Co.

Founded by Frederic Schumacher in 1889, the company started its way as a shop of interior decorations on Fifth Avenue in New York. Today, 130+ years later, F. Schumacher & Co is the leading wallpaper manufacturer in the USA. Besides a wide variety of wallpapers, the company offers fabric, paint, trims, pillows, and accessories.

The company focuses on elegant and luxurious designs, creating beautiful and high-quality products.

#4. York Wallcoverings

York Wallcovering is probably the best-known wallpaper brand in the USA. The company has worked since 1895 and sells products in 80+ countries worldwide.

What distinguishes the company from the crowd is that it’s the only producer in the world that owns and operates five different types of printing presses. Each of them gives a distinctive look to the finished product.

Today, York Wallcovering offers products in the following categories: 

  • wallpaper border
  • paintable wallpaper
  • grasscloth wallpaper
  • high-performance wallpaper
  • and peel and stick wallpaper

#5. Monadnock Paper Mills

Monadnock Paper Mills was founded in 1819 and is the oldest paper mill in the USA. With its headquarter in Bennington, New Hampshire, the company produces premium and high-quality polymer-reinforced wallpapers and nonwoven wallcovering. Besides wallpapers, it manufactures other paper products like technical papers, premium printing, and packaging papers.

Monadnock Paper Mills brand is committed to customizable and enviro-friendly approaches in their work.

#6. Brewster Home Fashions

Brewster Home Fashions is a US wallpaper manufacturer that specializes in fine wallpapers, other wallcovering units, and decorative products.

The company was established in 1935 and, since then, improved the quality and variability of its products significantly. Now Brewster Home Fashions wallpapers meet premium quality requirements of B2B and B2C customers. 

#7. Osborne & Little


Osborne & Little is one of the most popular producers of fabric and wallpapers. The company has British roots and was started in London, but today it is a large international company selling its products all around the globe. The producer offers a large selection of fabrics, wallpapers, and trimmings.

#8. Waldan Paper Services

35 years ago, Waldan Paper Services LLC started as a small printing and converting company in Illinois. Since then, it has grown and become one of the leading paper manufacturers in the USA.

Today the company offers a wide range of wallcoverings, gift paper, and custom products. Moreover, the company has a bunch of services like logo & design printing, custom slitting, rewinding, flexographic printing & converting.

#9. Maya Romanoff Corporation

Maya Romanoff is the largest US producer of handcrafted wallcoverings. In its products, the company uses versatile materials like glass beads, gold leaf, seashells, wood with pigments, and dye. This allows the creation of extraordinary final products.

The motto of the company is “Make every wall beautiful,” which makes it strive for quality, beauty, and innovation in every business process.

The list of popular wallpaper manufacturers can go on and on, but these 9 companies are the brightest representatives of the industry who set trends and dictate the rules. And if you are working in this market, you need to pay close attention to their novelties and innovations to stay on top.

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