Top 5 Design Trends for Living Rooms in 2023

Polina Krotovich

Trends in interior design are constantly changing. This is especially noticeable when we are talking about a living room, as it is way easier to redecorate compared to the kitchen or bathroom.

So today, we’ll take a look at five main trends in interior design for living rooms, so you know what your customers will be looking for in your stores and can adjust your product strategy accordingly.

#1. Inspiration from the nature

Nature is still the main source of inspiration. Natural colorous, floral and animalistic prints, and natural materials like wood and stone will remain popular during this year. Designing a living room, people keep trying to bring the outdoors into their homes and find a balance between nature and modern life.

Sustainability is another part of this trend. Customers are concerned about reducing the impact on the environment and are looking for sustainable, recycled, and ethical materials and brands. We are trying to learn how to build our homes without hurting the health of the planet. And as a result, we’ll see an increase in green materials in upcoming designs.

#2. More colors for walls and ceilings

Say goodbye to all-white interiors. Bright colors are back in 2023. 

People are tired of minimalism and Scandinavian asceticism, so they are becoming more fond of painting all surfaces with fun colors. And it’s not only walls. One of the main interior design trends of 2023 is colorful painting used for ceilings and doors.

However, you should not expect an explosion in the popularity of extraordinary neon colors. The main inspiration is still nature, so look at more warm earth tones and colors like terracotta, sage green, and yellow. They can help spice up the interior without being overwhelming.

#3. Interesting textures

It seems like people and designers are rethinking the meaning of texture and are ready to experiment more with it. Since 2020, nubby textiles and velvet are becoming more and more popular for furniture. And today, this trend is already extending to all other parts of the interior. People get more interested in rustic wall panels, interesting textured wallpapers, and tiles. Some designers even use fabric as wallcovering material.

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#4. Wallpapers are getting back

The growing popularity of different patterns brings back wallpaper fashion. Designers use wallpapers to add signature styles and pattern motifs from countries lacrosse the globe to the interior. This trend illustrates the globalization process that affects everyone.

Furthermore, the trend of inspiration from nature is here as well. Wallpapers with tropical and floral or water-inspired designs are gaining popularity.

Some designers like to experiment more and use wallpapers, for example, as a border for windows and doors.

#5. Return of art deco

And the final trend we want to mention today is the return of art deco. The roaring 20s are becoming an inspiration for modern home living room designs. Brighter colors, geometric patterns, and symmetry become more common for maximalism interiors.

This trend is only gaining momentum as a continuation of the move away from the ubiquitous Scandinavian minimalism. Now, it is most visible in furniture, accessories, and other small decorative elements.


That’s it for today.

These are the top 5 latest trends in interior design for 2023. We hope they will give you inspiration and motivation to review your current product line and find new insights on how to optimize it for even better performance.