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Product Updates
Polina Krotovich
3 mins

Check out our latest features and updates built specifically with you in mind.


Good news for those who want to have filters inside their catalogue! All clients starting from the Basic+ subscription plan may turn on the filtering functionality. Filtering will benefit clients with at least 1000 SKUs. 

Our research shows that adding filters increases the number of renders per user up to 5 times (comparison between those who use and those who don't use filtering), as well as the conversion to purchase up to 5 times. If you want to enable filtering, please contact us via the Help Center below or via email for getting further instructions.


We implemented the deactivation of interiors with an unsupported surface. For example, if your customer chooses products applied on walls, the interiors which are mapped only for flooring will be deactivated.


Attention to all customers who use API for updating products. We have fixed some problems related to data import. The main change is the restriction of parallel import threads. It is required to avoid data collisions and product corruption. Since our import procedure is asynchronous, you have to wait for your current import to be finished before you start a new one. 

On the link below, you can find a description of the API method that is responsible for providing a status of an import by its ID, which is assigned right after the import starts. Please consider this information for further integrations. Сhecking import status by IDs.

We visualize a wide range of products in 3D: Wallpaper, Murals, Borders, Paint, Tiles, Plaster, and all Flooring types. Please get in touch with us via the Help Center button below, in case you’d like to add a new product group to your Visualizer.

We strive to continuously enhance the Wizart products to ensure our users and their customers have the best possible experiences. Therefore, your ideas and suggestions on how to improve our products are always welcome!