Introducing Wizart Computer Vision SDK for Python and JavaScript

Yauheni Dzirvuk

Just recently, we upgraded Vision API and officially released our Python and JavaScript SDK. Below, we’ll make a quick overview of what SDK is, how Wizart Computer Vision SDK can be used, and how you can benefit from it.

What is SDK?

SDK stands for the software development kit. The SDK is a set of software-building tools that standardizes development and aims to make software development easier, faster, and cheaper.

Wizart Computer Vision SDK

The Wizart Computer Vision SDK (wizart-vision on PyPI and npm) is the Python and JavaScript tools for easier use of Wizart services that have a REST API. It was created to automate and simplify the integration of Wizart products for developers and software engineers who intend on using our services programmatically for interior solutions.

Note the ease of use of the API and SDK. You can get an extensive list of interior data with just one call. Dive deeper into details by looking through documentation about Wizart Vision API:

If you dive a bit deeper into the project, you can see various possibilities when it comes to developing your software integrations for interior solutions, for example:

The SDK comes in two versions: 

  • one for Python
  • one for JavaScript. 

Both versions can be found on package repositories PyPI (wizart-vision) and npm (npm: wizart-vision) and are regularly updated and maintained by Wizart.

Since the SDK for Python and JS is always growing, we will add more functionality, methods, and classes to it soon.

If you need access to Wizart Vision API or SDK, you can get an API token by sending a request to our specialists.

Benefits of SDK

As mentioned above, SDK can make the development process easier and faster. Here are the main benefits it provides:

  • Easy start. With the SDK, you can easily start using Wizart Vision API. You need only to set up the library, make a couple of test calls following the given example, and you can already see the first results of our services work.
  • Time-saving: specialists don’t need to waste time studying native API documentation and searching for the answers to their questions. Thanks to SDK, developers can have a solution or a part of it in the needed programming language on hand.
  • Faster integrations: SDK standardizes and simplifies the integration processes and provides access to the necessary information, which is coessential when working with AR and VR technologies.
  • Higher quality of end product: SDK comes with code samples in the needed programming language and documentation that was written and tested by experts multiple times. Reusing them for your projects will help you maintain the high quality of source code and reduce the time needed for testing and debugging.
  • Lower development cost: All of the mentioned above factors help shorten the time for development and post-development stages and fulfill the project with a smaller team without losing quality.

Request access to Wizart Vision API or SDK → 

Special thanks to Andrew Dyakov for his help in preparing this article.