Introducing the Edit Mode in Wizart Visualizer

Product Updates
Ekaterina Gurina

At Wizart, we constantly strive to improve the way customers of our Clients and Partners visualize and purchase products. Thanks to extensive research, we know that end users are extremely satisfied with the experience our visualization software provides. The ability to effortlessly upload room photos and explore numerous product options has been a game-changer for renovation enthusiasts. However, we believe that the sky's the limit when it comes to improving customers' experience, and we can bring more joy by offering shoppers the freedom to tailor their visualizations to suit their unique needs and design preferences.

Imagine being able to create an elegant accent on your floor using different types of tiles or covering only a portion of your wall with wooden panels or wallpapers. Until now, existing visualizers were unable to cater to such personalized demands.

That changes today!

We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature of Wizart visualizer - the Edit mode. The new functionality will redefine the way your customers design their spaces and interact with your products in the visualizer. With the Edit mode, we put creative control in users' hands, enabling them to transform their vision into a personalized reality.

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What is Edit mode?

The Edit mode is a new feature that gives users the ability to change the interior design by erasing or drawing surfaces directly on the photo.

MicrosoftTeams-image (61).png

Here is how it works: After the user uploads a picture to the visualizer, the AI analyzes the image and detects surfaces and objects in the interior, such as walls, floors, windows, etc. Based on the analysis, it creates a map of the room, where each surface is marked by a specific color.

MicrosoftTeams-image (62).png

With the Edit mode, users will be able to see this map overlaid on top of the original image and edit it according to their needs. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the process is as simple as using a digital drawing tool, no matter what they want to do: remove a particular item from the photo or adjust surface lines.

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Who’ll be excited to use Edit mode?

The Edit mode will appeal to various users:

  1. Customers with specific design ideas. For those customers who have specific visions of how they want to cover surfaces like walls or floors, Edit mode becomes the perfect tool to bring those ideas to life effortlessly.
  2. Designers. Design professionals are no strangers to innovation, and the Edit mode is set to become an indispensable asset in their toolkit. For designers who incorporate your products into their projects, Edit mode takes their creativity to the next level. Now they can demonstrate personalized designs to clients, streamline collaboration, and ensure that every project is an awe-inspiring masterpiece.
  3. Contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and other user categories. Edit mode empowers a wide range of users, including contractors and DIY enthusiasts, who seek to visualize and plan their decor projects with greater precision and creativity.

How Edit mode empowers the Wizart visualization software?

The new feature changes the way your customers use visualizers, providing them with more freedom and flexibility in their design choices. Previously, the visualizer only helped preview a specific product in the clients' space and allowed visualization of simple design ideas, for example, one accent wall.

Image 1.jpg

With this new feature, your customers can be more creative and explore more complex ideas.

Image 2.jpg

For instance, imagine your customer wants to envision their room without that old sofa or the picture on the wall, but they haven't removed them yet. With Edit mode, they can easily draw a surface over these items in the photo, allowing them to visualize the entire space without the unwanted elements.

Alternatively, if a customer has a brilliant idea to cover a particular section of their wall with beautiful wooden panels, Edit mode allows them to erase the areas of the wall that should be covered. This way, they can seamlessly implement their creative vision and bring it to life within the visualizer.

Check out the visualizer demo to see the edit mode in action!