How to Create a Product Page for Your DIY Store in 2023

Polina Krotovich

The Product Description Page (PDP) is a critical component of any e-commerce website, as it can make or break a sale. 

The purchasing decision process involves five steps: recognizing the need, searching for information, evaluating alternatives, making a purchase decision, and evaluating the post-purchase experience. The product page plays a crucial role in at least three of these steps. And since customers typically decide to purchase a product based on the information presented on the PDP, a well-designed page is crucial for any store.

Customer surveys show that product content is crucial for purchasing decisions, with product specifications (76%), reviews (71%), and images (66%) being the most important elements. At the same time, incomplete or incorrect content can dissuade shoppers from buying and lead to product returns.

So what are the best practices for creating an effective PDP that can improve your e-commerce conversion rate?

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