Enhancing Website SEO with Images and Videos

Polina Krotovich

Visual content holds a significant role in the world of SEO, and its impact has only grown over the years. Back in 2010, Google made a groundbreaking announcement that relevant images on web pages would be considered a ranking factor. This marked a turning point, as it paved the way for the recognition and integration of visual elements into search engine algorithms. Fast forward to 2014, Google's algorithms evolved further, enabling their bots to not only understand but also index video content.

Today the importance of images and videos in website SEO and ranking keeps growing. With attention spans dwindling and users constantly bombarded with information, visuals have become a powerful tool to capture attention and effectively convey messages. Incorporating high-quality images in your content not only increases its noticeability but also enhances the likelihood of social sharing.

Moreover, the dominance of video content cannot be underestimated. Accounting for over 80% of all internet traffic, videos have emerged as the most influential type of content today. The rise of visual-centric platforms and users' preferences for engaging visuals have made the optimization of images and videos in SEO strategies more crucial than ever before.

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