5 tips on how to avoid the e-commerce summer slump

Kseniya Tarasevich
7 mins

Summer is usually considered a slow season for e-commerce. Online retailers usually experience sales drops, low conversions and higher shopping cart abandonment rates. But is there a way to avoid the summer slump? We’ve got 5 tips for the home decor industry below.   

Go with summer discounts and specials 

Everybody loves sales! Don’t hesitate to launch a summer discount program, for example, for the stuff that is usually sold in winter. Discounts and specials most likely won’t open you up to a new audience, but they can reactivate your existing customer base.   

Approach your leads via various promotion channels and develop a proper strategy. This is the tried and tested way to beat the summer slump.   

Improve your social media strategy  

Social media is becoming one of the most prominent channels for online sales because of its omnipresence in our daily lives. For example, in 2021 44.8% of internet users globally use social media to search for brand-related information.  

You can attract traffic to your website from social media, start selling directly on those platforms or gather insights about your customers‘ behaviour. Social media are also powerful tools to increase the brand’s visibility and loyalty.   

Use the summer slump as an opportunity to enhance your social media presence. Post inspiring pictures, announce your special offers, tell engaging stories, and don’t forget to do that on a regular basis. And you'll see your online sales grow.  


Try digital events   

Webinars and live streams are powerful marketing tools. Moreover, they are a great way to attract high-quality leads by creating engaging real-time content. Direct communication with potential shoppers allows gathering their feedback right away and establishing deeper connections with your audience.  

They are also a great opportunity to personally engage with your clients and leads about your product and what it can do for them, bypassing inherent limitations, depersonalized ads and promotions often pose.    

A webinar can be conducted from anywhere, people can join them from anywhere, and everything you make for a webinar can be reused as an article, a social media post, infographics, YouTube  video, etc.   

Give digital events a try and you will be surprised by the results.  


Don't forget about your current customers   

In a rush to capture new clients, remember to stay in touch with your current ones. Provide them with special offers, promo codes, and giveaways on social media. Talk to them through various platforms, from newsletters to social media to targeted ads.   

The more you show your care, the better rewards you’ll reap from returning customers.   

Think out of the box 

Make the slow season situation work for you! The summer slump is a perfect time to give innovations a go. 

How about starting your AR-journey with Wizart AR-visualizer? This is a computer-vision solution for the home decor industry. Basically, it is AR showroom which allows your customers to visualize the paints, floor, ceiling and wall coverings in their interiors. The user uploads the image of the room, picks the product and sees if it fits the interior.   

Wizart AR-visualizer is a powerful tool to create enhanced content on your website or social media which entertains the users and leads to bigger sales.   

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