Custom Products and Their Visualization in the Home Improvement Industry

Ekaterina Gurina

Home renovation is an extremely creative process, and sometimes, it might be hard to find a product or solution that fits your needs 100%. For such cases, home improvement companies are continuously seeking innovative ways to cater to individual preferences and tastes.

Customization has emerged as a game-changer, allowing customers to design their wallpapers, murals, and rugs to create spaces that reflect their unique personalities. Furthermore, the ability to visualize these products within customers' interiors has become a crucial aspect of the buying experience, helping them make informed decisions.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of custom-made products and the importance of visualization for your home improvement business.

Personalization of home improvement products

Custom-made wallpapers, murals, and rugs offer an unparalleled level of personalization to customers. With a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns at their disposal, your customers can create a space that resonates with their vision and style. These customizable products empower them to break free from the limitations of mass-produced items and curate a home that showcases their creativity and individuality. The demand for unique and tailor-made products has been growing in recent years, prompting companies to invest in platforms that facilitate easy customization.

Offering customized home improvement products comes with a myriad of benefits for your business:

  • Competitive Advantage. Customization sets your business apart, attracting customers seeking unique solutions and giving the business an edge over competitors.
  • Higher Profit Margins. A high level of personalization justifies higher prices, leading to increased profits due to perceived value and uniqueness.
  • Strong Customer Loyalty. Customizable products foster loyalty as customers return for personalized solutions, creating a steady and loyal customer base.
  • Feedback and Improvement. Personalization involves close collaboration, providing insights for product improvements and innovations, and enhancing overall quality.
  • Enhanced Brand Image. Customization showcases your business as customer-centric, improving its brand image and reputation for meeting individual needs.

Customizable products undoubtedly offer a range of benefits, yet they are not without their challenges. One significant issue pertains to the complexity of visualization. 

Visualization of custom products

Translating a customer's ideas and preferences into a tangible design can be intricate and prone to misinterpretation, potentially leading to dissatisfaction if the final product doesn't align with the customer's initial vision. 

Allowing customers to visualize custom-designed products within their interiors serves as a crucial step in the buying journey. Visualization bridges the gap between imagination and reality, enabling customers to see how their design choices fit into their living spaces. By visualizing products, customers gain confidence in their decisions and can make any necessary adjustments before making a purchase. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reduces the likelihood of returns and exchanges, ultimately benefiting both consumers and businesses.

Wizart solution for visualizing custom products

We are proud to say that Wizart AR Visualizer can help you even with this challenging task. Powered by cutting-edge augmented reality technology, our visualizer can be integrated with your website seamlessly, enabling your customers to see their custom-designed wallpapers, murals, and rugs in real-time within their homes. This immersive experience brings life to their creative ideas and eliminates any uncertainty, making the buying process enjoyable and stress-free.

The Wizart AR Visualizer boasts several key features:

  • On-the-fly visualization. Customers can send their custom-designed products to the visualizer directly from the website in real-time, eliminating the need for guesswork and allowing for quick adjustments to achieve the desired look.
  • User-friendly interface. The visualizer’s intuitive interface ensures that customers of all tech backgrounds can effortlessly navigate to preview their personalized products.
  • Easy integration. Implementing Wizart AR Visualizer on a company's website is a seamless process, requiring minimal technical expertise. The tool is designed to integrate easily into existing online platforms, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient setup for businesses.
  • Social sharing. Wizart AR Visualizer allows users to share their customized designs on social media, promoting engagement and inspiring others to explore their creative flair.

Our recent partner, Love vs. Design, has just launched this feature on their website, allowing customers to add custom-designed products to the visualizer and preview them in their own spaces:


Wizart’s Visualizer has greatly enhanced our buyers shopping experience.  Wizart’s team is incredibly responsive, professional and truly cares about their client’s success.  - Love vs. Design

About Love vs. Design

Love vs. Design, the sister company of, distinguishes itself with a unique character and purpose. Stemming from its affiliation with the Utah-based stationery powerhouse, Love vs. Design inherits a legacy of innovation. At its core, empowers individuals to craft Truly Custom™ invitations and holiday cards effortlessly, offering a vast array of color combinations that seem boundless. Harnessing the momentum of its technological prowess, Love vs. Design swiftly recognized the potential to revolutionize interior design. Their pioneering technology, initially devised for wedding invitations, found a new purpose in this realm. Infused with an innate love for colors, and an unwavering passion for patterns, and propelled by a team of exceptional designers, Love vs. Design brought forth a groundbreaking line of Truly Custom™ removable wallpapers and murals. This artistic endeavor materialized into reality in 2020, marking the establishment of Love vs. Design as a trailblazing force in the world of customizable interior aesthetics.

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