Wizart visualizes various types of products in one room

Product Updates
Kseniya Tarasevich
5 mins

This month Wizart released a few really valuable features. What are they? Please, read down below.

Rug visualizer

Wizart can now visualize rugs We ensure high-quality product demonstration, with the 360° rotation and the possibility to move rugs across the interior. It looks even better than it sounds!   

Contact us to find out how you can add rugs to your visualizer.


Uplevelling user experience and efficiency throughout the PIM system

We've added tooltips to the buttons to make your navigation inside the PIM account easier.

Import history is now available so that you can check the results of the latest product uploads. 


We have applied sorting improvements, introducing A-Z and the newest first sorting. Press the button in order to launch the function. After this, the sorting will be available for your recent collections. If you would like to enable the sorting for previous collections, please contact our support team. 


Enhancing your client's experience with the visualizer

We've implemented a History button that gives your clients quick access to the product apply history. 


Wizart is the first-ever visualizer that allows applying different types of product types to one room simultaneously

Yes, we've introduced the simultaneous application of various product types! Thus, the customers can visualize rugs, wallcoverings, and floorings in their interior without switching between the app.   

We visualize a wide range of products in 3D: Wallpaper, Murals, Borders, Paint, Tiles, Plaster, and all Flooring types. Please get in touch with us via the Help Center button below, in case you’d like to add a new product group to your Visualizer.  

We strive to continuously enhance the Wizart products to ensure our users and their customers have the best possible experiences. Therefore, your ideas and suggestions on how to improve our products are always welcome!  

Please Get in Touch using our Wizart Help Center button below.