How Wizart visualizer is taking the Argentinian wallcovering brand to the next level

Kseniya Tarasevich
6 mins

The clients' first approach is a top priority at Wizart. So our team is going to create pieces about how Wizart visualizer affects our clients' businesses. Stay tuned! 

Geraldine Marotta from Anima Deco, an Argentinian wallcovering brand founder, is ready to share her story.

With a passion for designs

Geraldine Marotta says that she has always had a passion for design. That's why she got a degree as an interior designer. In 2015, she created Anima Deco. "Trends, fashion, and my love for the wallpaper led me to Anima Deco" she says. 

"Our logo describes those principles and stands for "Soul, designs, and prints". When the pandemic started, my husband joined the company and created the best team ever". The core of Animadeco design is a powerful element. "I guess it becomes almost a mission of filling spaces with prints, magic, and personality that we create. We offer the world not only a product of excellent quality, but also a personalized and unforgettable experience. And we try to share it with each pattern". 


Win-win combo

Wizart is the tool that Anima Deco was lacking, Geraldine says. "We wanted to make our customers' shopping experience unique and personalized. In 2020, we decided to expand our services worldwide, and we settled in Barcelona for a few months to start producing and selling our wallcoverings worldwide. One night I was surfing the internet, and that's how I found Wizart. If I remember correctly, I said the only thing missing Animadeco to be what I always dreamed of offering my clients is this. 

Thanks to Wizart, I can save so much time because now I don't need to spend hours in Photoshop creating renders manually.

And Anima Deco has already gained few profits from using Wizart. Although the brand subscribed to Wizart only in March, they have already gained social media appreciation.

 "Some of the influencers mentioned us on their social media, using renders created with the help of Wizart visualizer. We didn't pay them. They show this according to their will". Further, Animadeco plans to create an explanatory video showing how the visualizer works from different platforms. "We want to educate our customers, show them how they can use the visualizer to get even more profits from using this tool".

Building community

Animadeco seeks constant improvement. "I love meeting new clients, who challenge us, who make us grow". 

The company is one of the pioneers in the personalized wallpaper industry in all Argentina. "We constantly update our catalogs with hundreds of designs adaptable to each consumer according to the global trend and meet the market's needs. I have always dreamed of developing a website that communicates my vision and focuses on personalized attention".

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