9 Ways to Use Product Renders: Online and Offline Marketing

Polina Krotovich

According to research conducted by MDG Advertising, incorporating high-quality visuals and professional product images into your marketing efforts can potentially result in a staggering 300% increase in conversion rates. By strategically utilizing the content generated by MaterialCloud, you can meet these requirements and achieve impressive outcomes. To fully benefit from the advantages of rich media, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of how and where to integrate them into your marketing strategies.

At the moment, the DIY industry is witnessing a significant trend toward growing online sales, with more than half of all purchases initiated online. This highlights the key role of online presence and digital marketing for businesses in this field. At the same time, offline sales continue to dominate the home improvement sector, keeping the use of traditional marketing approaches unavoidable. Fortunately, MaterialCloud's content can be effectively utilized for both: online and offline promotional materials.

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