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Revolutionize your sales strategy with our AR visualizer. By incorporating augmented reality technology, you can offer customers an innovative way to visualize your finis...

VR visualizer

Transform your content with Wizart VR visualizer and get captivating 360-degree panoramic views to enhance your marketing strategy.


"I work with a lot of vendors, and Wizarts support and attentiveness are great. When I reach out, it's clear they are listening and partnering with us. On top of this, th...


"We think the visualizer does a great job at showing how the wallpaper would look on the wall. We have a very high number of renders per week, which shows that, at the ve...

ARD Italia

"It was a super easy process because of your assistance. Your team and in particular Ana have been able to satisfy me on every request, even the most challenging. I alrea...

Interactive visualizer is an add-on for Wizart VR visualizer and can’t be purchased separately. The use of the add-on increases the subscription fee by 20%.

Step 1: Test product loading. Before signing the contract, we upload up to 15 of your products into our system and send you a link to the demo. This way, you can see what it will look like, ask questions about the product, and request any needed customizations.

Step 2: Load the whole catalog. Once the paperwork is complete, we upload your entire catalog or a specific product group, depending on your needs.

Step 3: Visualizer integration. We provide clear instructions for integrating the visualizer and marketing materials to prepare for the announcement of this new tool to your clients. Our support team stays in touch with you, answering technical questions or scheduling calls with the developer.

Step 4: Release and test. After the visualizer is released live on your website, we run tests to ensure everything works correctly. If any errors occur, we help you fix them.

The time needed for our team to prepare all the content depends on many factors and may vary, but on average, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for our clients from the first consultation to launch. If you already have Wizart AR Visualizer installed, the implementation of the interactive feature is possible in a shorter time.
No, the Wizart visualizer works with every CMS out there and can be seamlessly integrated into any website.