Good news for tile sellers from Wizart

Product Updates
Kseniya Tarasevich
5 mins

Have a look at our latest features and updates built specifically with you in mind.

- Good news for tile sellers! Now, your customers can try different tile layouts out on the walls and rotate the tiles, unleashing their creativity with Wizart. The seam colour is based on tile colour. We hope you and your customers will enjoy playing around with this feature. 

 - We’ve added a new product group: vinyl flooring! If you’d like to add vinyl flooring to your visualizer, please check our manuals or contact our data import team via the Wizart Help Center button below.

Now, you can check the visualizer room scenes IDs in your Wizart PIM account. Use this info to enable custom integration of the visualizer to your website, and pick the room scene you’d like your visualizer to be launched with. 

- We’ve updated the data sharing functionality to make it more convenient for you. Thus, the Wizart PIM navigation became more user-friendly with the recently added tabs: the “Shared products” and the “Request products” in the sidebar menu. By clicking the “Request products” tab, you can check the brands available for sharing, send a request to the data owner, and even subscribe to its updates. The “Shared products” tab was designed to manage the data currently shared with your account.


- We constantly strive to make your experiences with the Wizart services more comfortable and help you and your team to benefit from automating your work. Thus, we’ve started developing connectors, aka “bridges”, aimed to sync your website database with the Wizart PIM account. Enjoy easy digital data import, update, and distribution. Now, you can add new collections to the visualizer or get high-quality designs with a click. The connector for WordPress/WooCommerce CMS is ready, and the Shopify connector is to be released soon. For more info, get in touch with us via the Wizart Help Center button below. 

- Furthermore, we've reduced the visualizer loading time. We visualize a wide range of products in 3D: Wallpaper, Murals, Borders, Paint, Tiles, Plaster, all Flooring types. Please get in touch with us via the Help Center button below, in case you’d like to add a new product group to your Visualizer. 

We strive to continuously enhance the Wizart products to ensure our users and their customers have the best possible experiences. Therefore, your ideas and suggestions on how to improve our products are always welcome!