Wizart services

A powerful tool for creating enhanced content for your website. Get high-quality videos, 3D pictures, GIFs, and more for your online store in seconds, not days.

High-quality content drives sales, increases brand awareness, improves website ranking, and generates leads even when your office is closed.

Wizart is here for you to help boost your sales!

Preparing 3D Renders of Textures

The 3D effect ensures that the product image shows details to give a sense of it: the embossing is noticeable, and the texture of a product is felt.

A study of online consumers found that:
  • 67% of consumers believe that an image is “very important” when selecting a product.
  • More than 50% of consumers value the quality of a product image more than product information, description, or ratings and reviews.
  • From the SEO perspective, product images can drive organic traffic through Google Image Search and universal results that include images.
  • High-quality room shots for your PDP

    You can use high-quality room shots on product pages to make it easier for customers to make a choice.

    It is no mistake that product photography increases conversions. From the feedback received from companies that invest in a professional product photography service, sales spike.

    With Wizart, you no longer need to hire a photographer. We can create renders in higher resolution and, accordingly, in better quality than you get them in the fitting room.

    Making panoramas and videos

    Our professionals can create high-quality videos, panoramas and room shots.

    3D modeling can help brands create massively impactful visual content for social media promotion.

    3D visualization and high-quality pictures help manufacturers reach global online marketplaces.

    Mapping custom room scenes

    In a competitive market, being unique matters immensely. A strong unique selling proposition makes you stand out and also plays an important role in branding your product.

    Pick up the room sets you like and we’ll map them for you. Customize the Visualizer to become a part of the website in alliance with your brand.

    You can check our Wizart Library or send us your own room shots to be prepared.

    Preparing textures for the visualizer

    3D makes the visualization result more realistic by adding depth and perspective to the texture image.

    You can always choose between 2D or 3D visualization. Our team will prepare the 3D maps for your textures upon request.

    Enhancing textures quality

    Don't worry if you can't find high quality data, or if you have no access to full repeats. Our data management team will handle that and make sure your textures are visualized seamlessly.

    How to set up the visualizer for your website?

    Do not have a tech team in-house? No worries.

    Our developers are happy to help with integrating the visualizer on your website using best practices.

    Each member of our team has at least 5 years of website development experience.

    All you need to do is get in touch to get a quote.

    Consultation with the Wizart DevTeam

    Our dev team can check your website performance and provide you with a report and recommendations to improve the key metrics.

    We've worked with home decor industry leaders for 5 years, and we know how to build a website that converts from scratch.

    Professional UI/UX designer consultation

    Get in touch with our Professional UX/UI Designer and learn how you can take your website to the next level.

    Improve your SEO rankings and increase conversions on your website with UX Design. Create trust and credibility with UX Design.