Wizart webinar - How to sell more wallcoverings in 2023

Zina Pchelintseva
3 mins

In partnership with IGI, The Global Wallcoverings Association, Wizart announces the upcoming webinar “Selling wallcoverings online in 2023”. During the webinar, Wizart is going to talk about the biggest trends in selling home improvement products online. They will explain what rich content is, reveal why it is important, and present cutting-edge solutions to drive manufacturers and retailers brand awareness and sales.

Wizart webinar will cover the following:
- How to sell more wallcoverings: e-commerce trends, time-tested principles, new challenges and opportunities.
- Rich content tools as a key to success: 3D models, VR rooms, interactive videos, 360 views, and much more. 
- Stats and success stories from real customers, industry-proven methodologies, and powerful insights.

Among other speakers, there will be presented Russell Deamer, the Founder & Director at World of Wallpaper. Being on the online retail market from 2004, he will share the best practices on what works for customers the best how to drive their engagement and make the shopping experience seamless. According to Russell, “Images are more important than ever, especially on mobile. Some customers don’t tend to read descriptions too much, so multi-room imagery is very important – particularly including furniture to help customers understand perspective on a wallpaper, pattern repeat, etc.” 

The webinar will take place on Zoom on November, 29 at 3pm CET. Wizart is happy to meet the biggest players on the wallcoverings market to talk about the industry challenges and offer its support.

Missed the webinar? Watch its record: