Wizart presents its latest updates

Product Updates
Kseniya Tarasevich
3 mins

Over the last two weeks, we were improving the code and working on our Product Information Management System to help you and your customers get what you need in one click.

We have developed and published WordPress and Shopify plugins ensuring super-easy integration and implemented a number of code and performance improvements, as well as fixed minor bugs, for Wizart Web Visualiser, Android, Wizart iOS Visualiser. Now our system will inform you if the quality of the photo you are uploading is not sufficient for a good result, specifying the exact cause for a poorer quality (too blurry, too noisy, or too dark photo).

Wizart PIM system was enhanced to be even more convenient and helpful enabling secure data sharing with ease. 

We strive to continuously enhance the Wizart products to ensure our users and their customers have the best possible experiences. Therefore, your ideas and suggestions on how to improve our products are always welcome!

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