Meet Wizart the features updates

Product Updates
Kseniya Tarasevich
3 mins

Check out our latest features and updates built specifically with you in mind.

  • Free default interiors were updated in your visualizer. Check it out!
  • We made it easier for your customers to navigate inside the shopping cart. The new design is more simple, clean and intuitive. If you're interested in integrating the shopping cart, please, contact us via the Help Center below.
  • The visualization speed has been increased by reducing the resolution of the visualization result to 2k.  Now, the end-users can preview products much quicker. Our system provides for changing the quality depending on the needs of the client. The resolution can be changed to 4k upon request. Please, contact us via the Help Center below.
  • The rendering quality was improved for surfaces at high angles to the camera.
  • We enhanced the visualization of flooring.
  • We fixed bugs with incorrect product overlays when transparent and opaque textures are selected together.

We strive to continuously enhance the Wizart products to ensure our users and their customers have the best possible experiences. Therefore, your ideas and suggestions on how to improve our products are always welcome!